Half and Half Tea Express

Half and Half

Milk Tea with Boba and Pudding – Half and Half Tea Express

Came here because I always hear people raving about this place when they’re in SoCal. People have been saying they wish there was one in the Bay Area. Maybe all this hype raised my expectations way to high because I didn’t think too much of this place. First off, I waited at least 20 minutes, maybe even 30+ minutes for my drink. Boba drinks should be quick to make! Secondly, there’s hardly any waiting space/seats. It wasn’t clear that there was a line to order since everyone was standing around all over, waiting for their drinks. This place is cash only. I had the classic milk tea with honey boba and pudding, $3-4. All I knew was that this place is famous for mixing pudding into their drinks. Can’t really tell the difference between honey boba and regular boba, but the pudding was an interesting addition texture-wise. I couldn’t really decide for the longest time whether or not I liked the pudding in the drink. I really didn’t care for it. The drink overall was alright. The quantity given is a lot, but it comes in a short and stout container that’s way too wide to fit the average cup holder in a car, and it’s not worth waiting for such a long time. It may be popular, but I’d much rather have a plain ol’ standard boba drink any day.

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