Street Cart Fries – Spitz

Their famous fries topped with garlic aioli, feta cheese, onion, green pepper, tomato, olives, pepperoncinis, chili sauce, and lamb. Amazing in looks, and equally amazing in taste. Great to share. So many flavors in one bite! Such tender, juicy meat. Talk about party in the mouth!


Street Cart Doner

This is their most popular sandwich. Includes garlic aioli, fried lavash chips, shredded romaine, onion, cucumber, green pepper, tomato, tzatziki and chili sauce, and lamb in a lavash wrap, $8. Again, so very delicious. Filling, refreshing, savory. Earned an extra 10% off thanks to Yelp, not much of a discount, but hey, I received 80 cents off, which is almost a dollar and better than nothing, so no complaints!

So fresh. So healthy. So amazing. This place really is a must-try. Located in Little Tokyo/Downtown LA. Casual place with a hipster feel to it. Seems to have more of a bar-like atmosphere, yet it’s a fast food type of service. You place your order at the counter, then a waiter brings your food to your table. One bathroom. Dim lighting. Accepts credit cards. Also, there was a random DJ in the corner drinking beer while playing non-mainstream and even old school music. I don’t know about a drinking DJ, but hey, you’ve got music and widescreen TVs for entertainment as bonuses.

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