S’mores – Bruxie

Belgian chocolate, graham cracker, toasted marshmallow, and powdered sugar on top, $5.95. There are several delicious-sounding menu options to select from, but this one caught my eye. I just HAD to try this. Tastes just as incredible as it sounds. The chocolate and marshmallow have the perfect gooey texture. It’s hard to savor each bite rather than gobble it up in its entirety.


Buttermilk Fried Chicken and Waffle

Fried chicken, chili honey, and cider slaw, $6.95. Just had to try this as well, just because it’s the classic chicken and waffle. The meat is incredibly juicy and tender. Sauce is tasty. Love it when fried chicken comes boneless!


This was one of the specials of the day – includes pulled pork and lettuce wrapped in a waffle. Almost ordered this, but alas, decided I should have the classic chicken and waffles on my first visit. Hope it’ll be around next time!

This place is popular for its “gourmet waffle sandwiches.” Oxymoron? It’s amazing how simple yet delicious these items are! It’s a fast food type of place with employees who appear to be college students, maybe even high schoolers. Large venue for a fast food place (and clean!). Wish the waffles came in larger sizes. Accepts credit cards. Lots of parking in the lot.


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