Bottomless Mimosas

Bottomless Mimosas – Dillon’s

Ya got me at ALL DAY bottomless mimosas. I believe it was $10 or a little less. Came in around 3 or 4pm on a Sunday. Hardly any customers, but there was a basketball game going on. Anyways, despite the lack of customers, my group wasn’t getting refills on our mimosas as often as we would have liked. Kept reaching the bottom. So much for “bottomless” mimosas. We would wait and wait and wait…..The waitress even started being skimpy with the orange juice and refilling only with champagne! Even more, at one point, the waitress told us that the bottomless mimosas were ending soon for the day. Excuse me??? We then informed her that the sign out front had indicated “ALL DAY.” Someone had apparently altered the sign after we were seated. After she spoke to her manager, we were allowed to continue with our bottomless mimosas for the remainder of our stay. Place is nice, but service needs to be improved. Also, the short Irish skirts aren’t quite fitting for some of the staff, just saying.


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