Blossom Bee, once again

Blossom Bee

Florentine – Blossom Bee

Spinach, mushroom, glazed onion, shredded parmesan cheese, cottage cheese, and mozzarella cheese, served with salad on the side, $6.95. Large dish makes the salad look small, but oh well, it tasted okay. Besides, it’s not the main attraction anyway. The crepe is. Lots of cheese in the crepe, plus a bit sprinkled on top. The spinach and mushroom were drowned in all the cheese, but you can still taste the texture. Filling, delicious, great for lunch.

Takes awhile for the crepe to be prepared (10-15 minutes), and apparently there’s no online menu to look at. My co-workers and I were squinting at the tiny pictures of the menu uploaded by Yelpers in a lame attempt to order to go. Ended up going to the place instead. Located in a shabby, run-down type of area. Lots of parking. Place takes credit cards. Small venue but friendly service.


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