Dan Sung Sa/Porno Palace, once again

Corn Cheese

Corn Cheese2

Corn Cheese – Dan Sung Sa/Porno Palace

This place is way too dim in the tiny booths to take any decent photos. Only the middle tables have light directly above your food. Returned after another late night shift; this time, we made it well before closing (AND got our 10% discount – yay!). Ordered their popular Corn Cheese, $7.99. Literally, it’s just corn and cheese, but it tastes SO good!! Corn and cheese, so simple, yet something about it makes it spectacular. I can’t quite figure out what type of cheese, but it’s amazing. This small dish is amazing. Now I see what all the hype was about. But is it worth the price? $7.99 for just corn and cheese? umm…good to try once, but I’d rather spend my money on other items in the future. Much of the menu is pricey actually, especially considering that this place caters mostly to starving students. Nonetheless, my friend really wanted to return, so we brought a larger group this time. Only gripe is that we asked to move to a bigger table, and all they did was move us from one tiny booth to another, when we could’ve sat much more comfortably at one of the long tables in the middle. Oh well, when life gives you lemons…



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