Frodo Joe’s Petit Cafe, once again


Fresh Strawberries Crepe – Frodo Joe’s

Dessert crepe with strawberry slices and nutella drizzle on top, vanilla ice cream on the side, $6.95. Unfortunately, the ice cream melted while I sat in traffic. I ordered to go and considered eating the ice cream first, but it tastes better with the crepe, and I didn’t have time to eat the crepe. Couldn’t even eat the ice cream in the car because it had already started to melt and I didn’t want to get the car seats all sticky. Besides, I was sadly only given a fork, not a spoon. Oh, what a dilemma I had! I slurped up what little remaining ice cream I had when I finally had time to stop and eat. It starts as a mound/scoop, ended as a puddle in my to go tray. Sigh. The crepe was good though.


Seafood Delight

Savory crepe with shrimp, crab, an mozzarella cheese – includes cold salad, house salad, or soup on the side, $8.95. Salad was bleh. Crepe was okay, nothing to boast about. It had lots of little shrimp, most likely the frozen kind. I prefer larger, fresh shrimp. Also, too dry for my liking.


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