La Piñata

La Pinata - Shrimp

Either Camarones a la Plancha  or Camarones al Mojo de Ajo – La Piñata

Camarones al Mojo de Ajo is prawns sautéed in special garlic sauce, while Camarones a la Plancha is prawns marinated in special garlic sauce & grilled. I believe I sampled the first (camarones al mojo de ajo), but it’s hard to tell, especially since they are both shrimp in garlic sauce. The reason I’m not sure is because my order was combined with that of my co-worker; each of us ordered one of the two shrimp in garlic dishes. One is drowned in sauce, the other is dry. Each is $16 and comes with the following: salad, rice, and choice of refried/whole/black beans, plus 3 optional tortillas (corn or flour). The shrimp I had, whatever it is, tasted like it was over-marinated in butter. Honestly, the sauce that the shrimp were bathed in was so oily, it was disgusting. Had about 5 little pieces of shrimp (the tails make them appear larger than they actually are).

La Pinata - Rice & Salad

Rice and Salad

La Pinata - Tres Leches

Tres Leches Cake

Didn’t care much for this. In fact, this is one dessert I didn’t finish. I know, it’s shocking, considering how much I love dessert, but I’ve had better Tres Leches. This one tasted thick and dry at the top half, and soggy at the bottom half.

On the plus side, they have Happy Hour Monday-Friday 3pm-6pm if you’re in the area and need a break from work…just saying.

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