QQ Noodle

QQ Noodle - House Special

House Special Noodle Soup – QQ Noodle

Firstly, love the fact that this place has a picture book menu. And practically everything in the book involves noodles. It’s like it was just meant for me… I actually thought the House Special Noodle Soup would have soup (for goodness sake, it’s part of the name!), but nope. The waiter immediately told me it doesn’t have soup. So what’s the wet part of the picture then? Discovered that it’s more of a slimy egg white consistency. Nevertheless, still a decent pick for $7.25. Thick and chewy egg noodles with sliced zucchini, carrots, seaweed, pork, and green onion. Not quite dry, but I guess it’s still considered “dry noodles” as opposed to wet (i.e. soup noodle). Comes in a large bowl, but doesn’t even come close to filling it. Maybe it’s to help avoid splashing the sauce all over, as often inadvertently occurs with slurping noodles? Staff is nice, place is spacious, cash only, decent prices, tons of parking in the plaza.


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