The Old Siam

Karee Gai

Karee Gai – The Old Siam

Chicken cooked in mild yellow curry with potato and onions – can be selected as a rice plate ($8.95) or a la carte ($9.95). Selected the rice option simply because curry includes so much sauce, how else will you eat it – by licking it all up?? Anyway, this yellow curry is fantastic. The chicken is boneless, juicy and tender, the potatoes are perfectly cooked (not too crunchy yet not too soggy), and the curry is absolutely creamy and mild (as advertised, surprisingly).

Special Rice Noodle

Special Rice Noodle

Flat rice noodle topped with ground chicken, shrimp, squid, tofu, mushroom, and house special sauce, $8.95. So much involved in this dish, talk about party in the mouth! Lots of flavor, lots of texture, lots of goodness. I don’t care much for the tofu, but everything else tastes wonderful. I especially love that there is plenty of meat/seafood, so you don’t have to hunt around, unsure if you’ve received all you’ve asked for, unlike certain other restaurants that are skimpy on such ingredients. Plenty to share, just a matter of whether or not you’re willing to share!

This place is narrow, a bit cramped, with a waitlist. It doesn’t quite give the best first impression when you enter, particularly if you wind up running into the pole structure that holds the building up while entering through the front door – it’s a bit of an odd design. The column is literally right in the middle at the front entrance. Only one bathroom. There’s a wide-screen TV that displays a slideshow of a bunch of the menu items, which is helpful, unless you’re in a hurry to order and fail to notice the screen until after you’ve made your tough decisions, speaking from experience…The place is dimly lit, to the point where my photos were not ideal, with or without flash. Staff is friendly, tables are small. Definitely would return for the food.


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