Espetus Churrascaria, once again

This place never fails to 1) make me bloated, 2) amaze my palate, or 3) provide me with stunning photos. Saw a lot of the usual staff from my previous visits. Came here later than usual for lunch, ended up filling me up for dinner as well. Two meals in one – lunch + dinner = LINNER! As expected, it is on the pricey side, but it’s all-you-can-eat meat. It’s a nice treat once in awhile. Juicy, savory, scrumptious, endless, mouth-watering meat. Plus great service (they sing a birthday song in Portuguese too!) – most of the servers are very personable. Plus non-meat options that are brilliant as well. Plus plenty of seating (I’ve never had to wait because it’s so spacious). Bathrooms are nice with small cloth towels instead of paper towels. You can watch the food being prepared through a wide window while you grab food from the salad bar area. Their rice is moist with a hint of sweetness to it – absolutely delicious. Their Brazilian chicken salad is spectacular. Their plantains – mMmmm. Make sure you come hungry if you plan on checking this place out!


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