Peking Delight

Small place, slow service, good food. Came here with the family and ordered:

+ Peking Style Spareribs – looks super soggy and not as vibrant as other restaurants make this, but tastes crispier than it appears. Also nice that there aren’t as many bones and fat, unlike most places. Surprisingly, most of the pieces were very meaty.
+ Rock-Cod Bean Curd Clay Pot – my favorite of all the dishes ordered. Fish was good. Carrots were more raw than I would have liked. Looks good, tastes good.
+ Spinach with Garlic Sauce – the leaves were nice and full, semi-chewy, long stems. The garlic cloves are crunchy.
+ Sam See Chow Mein – includes lots of different meats – chicken, duck, and pork. A little on the oily side.
+ Salted and Fried Eggplant – one of the house specials, hint of spicy, tastes like tempura, not too salty.
+ Westlake Beef Soup – included in the 3-items for $22.95 deal. Again, carrots were crunchier than I prefer, but the soup was alright.

Took awhile to have our order taken. Also, I never thought I’d review about utensils, but the soup spoon was not your average Chinese soup spoon. It looks like a regular spoon used for solid foods, not soup. Not very efficient for drinking soup. And the plates came with forks instead of the usual chopsticks. In fact, we had to request chopsticks twice because the waitress apparently had short term memory. It wasn’t even busy and the service was slow! Well, at least the food tasted good, and the portions were decent.


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