+ 12 flavors, half of them change every 2 weeks. (Popular flavors like Plain Tart and Cable Car Chocolate never swap out)
+ Tons of toppings to choose from.
+ No line.
+ Free tastings.
+ All flavors are non-fat.
+ 39 cents per oz. (not the cheapest, here’s the rate)
+ Friendly cashier.
+ Clean.

Having a major sweet tooth, I decided to try as many flavors as possible. Of course, I had to include as many toppings as possible as well. I don’t care much for having gummy worms/bears, nuts, or cereal with my froyo, but I practically selected everything else. When I was done with my creation, my bowl was overflowing (literally) with the following:

~ Raspberry
~ Cable Car Chocolate
~ Green Apple Tart
~ Mango Tart
~ Chocolate Caramel Turtle
~ Cake Batter
~ French Vanilla
~ Cheesecake bites
~ White chocolate chips
~ Peanut butter chips
~ Strawberry popping boba
~ Kiwi popping boba
~ Mango popping boba
~ Blueberry popping boba
~ Orange popping boba

7 flavors, 8 toppings – where there is a will, there is a way!

I particulaly liked the Green Apple Tart and Mango Tart – very refreshing and not too sour. The rest of the flavors did not stand out much. The Cable Car Chocolate seemed too dense. I was surprised to see so many flavors of popping boba, but couldn’t really taste the blueberry flavor when it burst.

My end product looked incredible and there are a ton of options, but in terms of flavors and pricing….. I prefer Yogurtland.


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