Came here for dinner a little after 6pm, but the waitress said we could still order from the discounted specials that said “until 6pm.”

Complimentary bread was cold and hard. They provide half a loaf, which looks like a giant heart, but the slices aren’t fully cut, or not cut at all. Soup was included with the specials, and I chose Clam Chowder. The clams were chewy, but I’m not a huge fan of clams, so maybe it’s a good thing and means it’s fresh? It was actually filling, despite the small-looking bowl.

Ordered Chicken Pesto & Pine Nuts (penne with grilled chicken, pesto garlic cream, and pine nuts, $13.99 normally, $11.99 before 6pm). It was alright. I particularly liked the pine nuts. Also tried Cajun Chicken Risotto (grilled chicken tossed in light Cajun sauce with mushrooms, roasted peppers, and tarragon, $12.99 normally, $10.99 before 6pm), moderately spicy. The Wood Grilled Chicken (marinated in olive oil, dijon, garlic, and herbs, topped with sauteed mushrooms, $15.99 normally, about $13.99 before 6pm) was a really small portion. The Smoked Pork Chops (smoked and wood grilled with basil garlic butter, $15.99, not on the specials list) was juicy and the broccolini were nice and crunchy. I didn’t care much for the food, but I would rank the Chicken Pesto as the best out of all 4 dishes. Considering the high prices and small portions, I’ve definitely had better Italian food elsewhere.

Plus, I’ve never been helped by 4-5 servers in one sitting. It wasn’t super busy either. Hm, wonder how they’ll split tip.



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