The Crown

Fish and Chips

Fish & Chips – The Crown

Came here on a warm Friday evening, had a later dinner than usual. This place offers patio seating, which was nice for enjoying the weather at the time, and also because dogs are allowed in this area. I find it odd that there’s a red phone booth (like the kind you would see a superhero transform in), but there’s no phone inside, as if it’s been pried off. The service is great – they regularly check up on you (unlike many other places, where the outdoor seating area rarely receives any service), and they even provide water in a doggie bowl if you bring your pet with you!

Ordered one of the popular menu items, Fish & Chips: a filet of wild, Icelandic cod hand dipped in special Bass ale batter, served crispy hot with fries & tartar sauce, $12.95. I thought the fish would come in strips, but not a huge deal, especially since they give a generous amount of fish. I would have liked the fish to be cooked a little longer. It was a nice golden color on the outside, but a little chewy on the inside (the fish meat), not the kind of chewy you get when you over cook steak, but the kind of chewy when you undercook fish. A couple more minutes or so would have also made the skin crispier. The fries were good though! Doesn’t need ketchup, though it’s not bad with the tartar sauce. Warm, thick, and soft starchy goodness mmm.

Note: They have daily specials Sunday-Thursday. Mind as well add in the remaining 2 days of the week, in my opinion. Also, this place has DJ & dancing on Friday and Saturday nights.

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