1400 Bar & Grill


Poblano Burger – 1400 Bar & Grill

I was invited by a classmate of the owners, Mike and John, for lunch here. Let me preface this by noting that I’m not a big fan of burgers. With that said, after looking at Yelp, I decided to order the Poblano Burger, and the meat was brilliant! I was surprised because 1) it was a thick piece of meat, and 2) it was juicy not dry! It’s an 8oz burger topped with bacon, roasted poblano chili, pepper jack cheese, LOADS of shoestring onions, and french fries on the side for $10.50. This place opened 2 years ago. The owners are great people.

The specifics:

– Thick slab of perfectly cooked meat
– TONS of shoestring onions, way too much, covers all other contents of the burger
– Thin, but salty fries
– Not spicy, not even mild
– Not too much fat on the bacon
– Bun is alright, your typical buns 

Bottom line: 

– Great portions
– Easy-going, super friendly owners who have been dedicated to Alameda for years
– Beautiful, high ceiling
– Classic appearance
– Includes live jazz music on certain nights
– Easy to locate, right on the corner


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