Definitely recommending their famous Ball Tip Sandwich! The sandwich includes your typical lettuce, tomato, and mayonnaise, but the highlight is definitely the meat and marinade sauce. The meat is super tender, thinly sliced, and juicy. Wow it’s so good, it practically melts in your mouth!

Also ordered catering. Order at least a day in advance so they can marinate the meat and cook everything in time. Went with the 2 meats & 2 sides option ($13.95 per person). I was worried we wouldn’t have enough food for everyone, but this place gives A LOT.


+ Chicken Quarters – huge pieces of chicken, but dry and hardly any taste. The skin looks charred.

+ St. Louis Style Pork Ribs – not much meat on each bone, and the meat could’ve been more juicy and tender.


+ Caesar Salad – your typical salad, didn’t try it, to be honest.

+ Potato Salad – very creamy and potato slices are perfect in size.

Also includes: dinner rolls (soft, large in size, and moist) plus beans (your typical beans)

After trying both, I would really recommend the sandwich over catering.


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