Bi Bim Bap – Manna

Let’s start with the positives: This place is in a large plaza full of Indian restaurants. Plenty of parking. Lunch specials are available. There’s a cool aisle of different colored blocks of light dividing the seating area in half. The service is good, and the place is decently clean.

But the food, I don’t recommend. I don’t plan on coming back because the food was really lacking in flavor, and very little food provided (compared to other Korean places). Hardly any banchan (cucumbers, kimchi, fishcake, sweet potato, some unidentifiable brown squishy stuff) and no miso soup with my Bi Bim Bap ($8.99), which includes 6 different veggies (carrots, cucumbers, bean sprouts, spinach, radish, and some questionable brown stuff), beef, and egg over rice. Large bowl, but much smaller portion than I expected. In fact, my coworker ordered Bi Bim Bap with no beef, but mine practically looked like her order – I hardly had any beef! One of the veggies was brown, crunchy, and squiggly in appearance. Sounds appealing huh? I thought it highly resembled worms…..




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