This small place is really easy to miss. It’s in the Ferry Building, near a Mexican restaurant. Decided to give this place a try, plus it was Happy Hour. However, don’t be deceived! Though it says Happy Hour, you are actually limited to the Happy Hour item of the day. If you want the Happy Hour appetizers, you have to order from the Daily Specials menu first, and the Daily Specials are NOT cheap, and then on top of that, the Happy Hour appetizers are an additional charge, not an included charge. Basically, it’s not a true Happy Hour – you have to spend more, rather than save money.

The Daily Special on the day I went was Soba, but I’m not a fan, so I skipped it. Ordered the Baked Fish from the Daily Specials. There was no description or price on the menu. Also, you have to wait longer for this item to be cooked. It doesn’t come with rice, so I ordered a bowl ($1). The meal came with mushrooms, green beans, squash, salmon, whole garlic cloves, and a couple other things that I couldn’t quite identify. Honestly, it was good in portion and taste, but not worth $14.50.

Also received a complimentary salad of some sort prior to the main meal. It was a little crunchy/crispy, included some type of soft beige beans and bits of meat (beef?). Tasted alright.

The only dessert available is Mango Coconut Pudding, $3.50. It’s a small amount, but the it has 2 gelatinous layers of mango with sprinkles of coconut on top. I wouldn’t order it again, but it looks nice. The only beer available is Kirin Ichiban, a light beer, for $4.

Long story short, if I’m going to spend money on food, I’m going elsewhere.


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