The Cheesecake Factory


Instead, I was stuck in an elevator for 45 minutes…

This location is on the 8th floor of Macys. I entered the elevator, excited as can be to celebrate the debut of the new Toasted Marshmallow S’mores Galore Cheesecake (plus 50% off any slice!), only to find myself so close, yet so far from satisfying my sweet tooth. The elevator inched upwards to the restaurant, when suddenly, I hear something very similar to a large piece of metal falling. Next thing I know, the elevator stops, but the doors refuse to open. The innermost set of doors shakes before opening, but the outermost doors only slightly part. As people try to pry the doors open, another piece of metal seems to fall, giving the terrifying idea that the elevator is falling apart. We all look at the max capacity sign: 10 people max. We count exactly 10 in the elevator. One person attempts to press the button for help, but to no avail. Great. Panic strikes as first, one girl states she is claustrophobic, another constantly complains it is getting hotter and harder to breathe. Definitely a harrowing experience. We shout for help at people passing by, but it takes a long time before someone finally calls the fire department. Now what? Well of course, in this new age of technology, everyone whips out their smart phone to take photos and videos to post online. Sigh. #instagraminsteadofcallforhelp

Eventually, we were saved. I’m very grateful the elevator did not drop, I’m not a roller coaster fan, at all. The manager Christopher M. was super nice and considerate, offering to take care of my meal and often checking to see how I was doing. Living out my name, I felt like a true desserts princess! He recommended starting with the Strawberry Martini to calm my nerves, a deliciously strong yet sweet drink. Then I had the Steak Diane, which was perfectly cooked. Juicy and well-seasoned. Also had Mai Tai, which comes in an interesting glass and looks quite tropical. Finally, ended with the featured S’mores Cheesecake, which had amazingly gooey, toasted marshmallow and was not overwhelmingly sweet.

At this location, the ceilings are not as high as the other locations I’ve frequented. However, there’s a patio with a nice view of Union Square (plus pigeons walking around your feet and hopelessly staring at your food). My only complaints (minus the elevator experience, which really wasn’t Cheesecake Factory’s fault): The indoor floors are slippery, and my group did not receive the complimentary bread until our entrees arrived.

Incredible meal and friendly service (thank you so very much Christopher!), but what a night! Still a Cheesecake Factory fan nonetheless. Lesson learned: Take the stairs/escalator, TRUST ME.


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