Citizen’s Band

What brought me here were the wonderful photos of mac and cheese, but the place was not what I expected. First off, it’s located right on the corner of a dingy area. The place itself is small and the staff tells you to RSVP for a table or risk waiting a long time, but there was plenty of seating when I came in on a weekday night around 6pm with a party of 3. The bathroom is located in the adjacent club (and has no light switch so use your phone to see where you pee!). The restaurant gives the feeling of a run-down diner, but the appearance is opposite the quality of the food and service.

* Padron Peppers: warm padron peppers with sea salt and garlic aioli, $7. Not spicy at all. Small but delicious. Plus you have a small jar to contain the stems.

* Burrata: Di Stefano burrata cheese, grilled levain, extra-virgin olive oil, maldon sea salt, $9. Incredible cheese that resembles butter and melts in your mouth, placed between toasted/burnt sourdough bread.

* Mac and Cheese: baked macaroni, cheddar fonduta and onion rings, $8. The most popular item. The Yelp pictures are deceiving and make this dish look much bigger than it actually is. It is more focused on the onion rings than the mac and cheese. In fact, the majority of the dish consists of gigantic onion rings! Needless to say, I was disappointed. There was hardly any mac and cheese at the bottom, but the onion rings were huge. Taste was alright but no wow factor.

* Poutine: house cut kennebec fries, mushroom gravy, 12-hour cooked pork belly, cheese curds, and grana padano, $9. This should be the real star dish. It looks and tastes great! But then again, pork belly alone already tastes great – it’s pork fat, of course it tastes great! According to “Master Chef,” grana padano is the king of all cheeses. This Italian cheese was the perfect addition to the pork belly and fries – stringy, cheesy goodness all over – mmm…

Service was great. The waiters/waitresses continuously checked up on my group. Not much food, especially considering the prices, but the quality isn’t bad. They use the typical technique of serving large dishes with small portions. Overall, I don’t think I’ll come back, but I wouldn’t call it a bad experience – it was just ok.


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