Snowflake, once again

Alright, this time, I ate at the place and can now confirm that despite the sign, there is NO additional $3 charge per person for dining in. In fact, the sign could mean that you have to buy $3 minimum of food per person (instead of splitting a dish) in order to eat at a table.

Received a complimentary bowl of cream of mushroom or corn chowder (not really sure, and didn’t expect it). Tastes great, though not much of a presentation to be picture-worthy (I still took a picture just to show what it looks like).

+ Baked Chicken a la King Fried Rice ($7.50): Huge portion of rice covered by cream sauce. Absolutely delicious! Chicken is very moist and tender, rice is soft just a bit mushy (enough for enjoyment, not overdone), sauce is thick and creamy.

+ Taro Coconut Bliss ($4.25 for a Mini): red bean, mini mochi, popping boba, composite jelly, condensed milk. The taro is fresh, and usually I’m not a huge fan, but it was good! A Mini is the perfect size for 1-2 people, depending if you’re ordering anything else and how hungry you are. This refreshing, beautiful shaved ice transitions nicely from lavender to white. Love it!

+ Black Sesame ($6.25): red bean, mango, mini mochi, condensed milk. This comes in the Regular size, about twice the size of a Mini. It’s a lot to finish on your own if you order another dish. Again, the shaved ice is absolutely amazing! Silky smooth and beautiful presentation.

Cheap, tasty food with wide selection. Yum!


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