Sky Asian Bistro

Pad Thai

Pad Thai – Sky Asian Bistro

First off, this place is located an airport, fine. But airport food or not, this is still the first time I’ve ever had Pad Thai that’s spicy! It tastes more citrusy and tangy than what I was prepared for. And this is the first time my Pad Thai didn’t include bean sprouts. It had bell peppers, chicken, red chili flakes, scrambled egg, carrots, onions, peanuts, and lime. Good portion, but it costs $14 or so. Again, airport food – it’s expected to be expensive. I chose this dish because it was the most popular based on observation, but personally, I say PASS!

Kobe Burger

Kobe Burger

I didn’t try the burger, but the fries were spicy. You can see red chili flakes all over! What’s up with this place making everything spicy?? The burger was thick in the middle from the surprisingly huge piece of Kobe beef and tempura bacon – that’s right, deep fried bacon! FAT on FAT on FAT. Of course it tastes good, but it’s terrible for your health! The burger was $15 or so.


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