Tapas on Main

All of these tapas are surprisingly large portions called “Shareable Plates.” Usually tapas are small plates, much like the Spanish version of dim sum, but not at this place! Portions are between appetizer and entree. 

+ Mejillones con Chorizo: Mussels with Chorizo topped with hand cut fries, $12.95. Not spicy. TONS of mussels, though the shells are much larger than the actual meat inside.TONS of fries. Be sure to mix the sauce in the mussels and fries for added flavor. It’s easy to miss the sauce because it’s hidden below all the mussels and fries. 

+ Setas al Ajo: Assorted Wild Mushrooms – shiitake, oyster, cremini finished with garlic and olive oil, $9.95. Flavorful, squishy, and the tomatoes add a nice touch.

+ Calamares Fritos: Crispy Calamari hand battered and served with a smoked tomato sauce, $10.95. Bite-sized, fun to eat, and tasty!

+ Tortilla Espanola: Spanish Omelet with potato and onion, $6.95. I didn’t care too much for this item. It tastes like they only use egg whites, very light. The consistency is much like Chinese steamed egg, yet it’s also a bit crispy.

Excellent food quality. Great service; the waitress is very knowledgeable about the menu options. Watch out for the sticky floor though (result of being a bar as well as a restaurant).


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