Founding Farmers

This place is a local favorite. It’s a farm-to-table restaurant and the dress attire is “smart casual.” It’s a new term that I’m unfamiliar with, but it seems to be the dress code all over this area. No flip flops, no shorts, etc. People are dressed nicely here, giving a classy feel. It gets very crowded, hency, it gets noisy. The bar takes up the majority of the place. Also, this place stays open late, though not past midnight.

I had the Yankee Pot Roast, one of the favorites here, $16. So many things going on in this dish, starting with the amazing presentation – wow! Carrots, string beans, sliced onions and onion rings, and meat. The carrots are too raw and crunchy for my taste, but the entire dish is a great deal for what you pay. Very rich, very filling. Too much sauce though IMO.

Also, the ribs are a MUST. Super juicy, super tender – it just falls off the bone without effort. If you choose an option from the “From the Ranch” section of the menu,  you are allowed to also select 2 sides.


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