Annie’s Kitchen

Philly Omelet

Philly Omelet – Annie’s Kitchen

This place is designed as a classic diner and clearly has regulars for breakfast. The people are easy going and super nice. Breakfast is served all day, but they also have incredibly thick, ginormous pies. I wonder how big the slices are! I’ll have to try them another time.

There are plenty of cheap options. For instance, the 2 Eggs, home fries, toast, and bacon/sausage/ham option is only $3.95. A short stack of Chocolate or Blueberry Pancakes is only $4.75. Tons of great options. I opted for the Philly Omelet (served with home fries and toast, $7.50). Filling, quickly served, and delicious!

Only one bathroom stall, but it’s a big bathroom. Plenty of seating. There’s a small area for parking outside. Just be careful not to drive too quickly when you first come here – otherwise, you might pass by before you know it! Also, make sure you have the right street name – it’s Quinnipiac AVENUE, not STREET or BOULEVARD – one of the other options leads you into the parking lot of the back of an apartment complex.¬†Speaking from experience… >.>

2 Eggs with Ham

2 Eggs with Ham


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