Panda Express


2 Entrees + 1 Side + 1 Freebie – Panda Express

This place had an incredibly long line when I came in on a weekday night, probably because everyone wanted to use the “Free Honey Sesame Chicken” deal. Otherwise, this is just like any other Panda Express – they’ve got Mexican chefs and 1 Chinese staff member serving Chinese cuisine. Also, they need to hire a new fortune cookie writer because Panda Express is notorious for failing with giving real fortunes. This time, mine said “Ask Your Mom.” uhh thanks, whatever that means.

I got the 2 entrees and a side option. They count the freebie as an additional entree when discounting it on the receipt, so instead of paying for the price of 2 entrees and a side, you pay for 3 entrees and a side, minus $1.49 for a free entree. I prefer paying for 2 entrees and a side and getting a freebie instead.

Also, they now have a brown fried rice option, in addition to the usual white fried rice. It doesn’t taste great, but it’s healthier. They’re skimpy on entrees, but I was still full at the end of the meal. And the freebie is given in a dinky little to go box, but hey, it’s free!

Overall, not bad. Don’t expect too much. Tons of parking. And if you don’t want Panda Express, you can check out a bunch of other eateries in the plaza.Fortune Fail

Fortune Fail


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