Rick’s on 5

French Toast

French Toast – Rick’s on 5

This place is the ONLY place that opens super early at 5am in the area. I was there exactly when it opened, and soon, a local regular popped in after me. Can’t believe how early people are willing to wake up to eat breakfast! I only did it because I had to.

I had Praline Pecan Texas French Toast (crushed pecans and caramel ALL over). 3 slices of bread cut into 6 halves. Too sweet though. 3 slices of bread cut into 6 halves. Delicious! Note: It can definitely be too sweet for many people. Oh, and I LOVE the hot chocolate! Not too frothy, not too thick and rich, but perfect for the early morning.

The waitress and cook are both super nice. The cook even came out from the kitchen to ask everyone (in general) how the food was. Bathroom is one stall and tiny. The parking lot doesn’t provide too many slots, but since I was the very first customer, it didn’t matter to me!

Hot Cocoa

Hot Cocoa


Chocolate Pancakes


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