Once I walked in, I was immediately welcomed by the super friendly staff. I felt right at home with their light humor and easy going nature. The place is on the border of casual and classy, making it a great place for both a family outing or a romantic date. My server was very knowledgeable about the menu and was able to recommend excellent options. I respect how honest he was about his opinions and how accommodating he was for my aunt (who can’t eat dairy) as well.

The complimentary bread with the tomato butter is soft and comes in 4 slices. The Shrimp Piccata consists of leeks, onions, garlic, capers, and tomato in white wine, lemon, and butter sauce over linguine, $20. I would have preferred jumbo shrimp in a dish like this. The tiny (though abundant) shrimp were no match for the great amount of linguine. Taste-wise, not too overwhelming; in particular, not too salty from the capers. In terms of portion, it’s enough to feed 2 people!

My aunt had the Spasta Pesto (saute of julienned vegetables in a nest of spaghetti squash with pesto and home-made tomato sauce, $17), except she skipped the pesto. I didn’t try the dish, but it looks absolutely STUNNING. The colors are vibrant and gorgeous. WOW.

The Chianti is not too strong, but still has a little kick to it. Goes well with the pasta dishes.

Lava Cake here comes with vanilla gelato, chocolate sauce, and candied walnuts for $8. I’m more familiar with chocolate oozing out from the cake the second it’s sliced open, but this one did not do so, not noticeably. Still, it’s not too heavy or too sweet. Tastes great with the vanilla gelato!

Lastly, instead of fortune cookies, they offer biscotti. It’s tough to enjoy biscotti without dipping it in coffee or milk to soften the cookie, so I’d recommend taking it home to try.


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