Bulkogi Fusion

Chicken Noodle with Seaweed Wrap

Chicken Noodle with Seaweed Wrap – Bulkogi Fusion

First off, food trucks are very popular in Portland, AND much, MUCH cheaper than in California!! Such a large variety of food trucks to choose from, and these trucks are always situated in the same place, same hours, same days, unlike in California.I had the Chicken Noodle, not spicy (though I still had red flakes and tasted some spiciness at the bottom), $6. The cook packed it in a large soup container and allowed me to sample the Seaweed Wrap for free as well. It’s essentially your typical instant noodles – think Ramen – plus carrots, lettuce, egg, and meat. Great for a chilly day, which is often in Portland. I especially love the large portion, especially considering the low price. The Seafood Wrap has egg, radish, carrots, lettuce, seaweed, and sushi rice – it’s basically a veggie sushi. Super friendly cashier/cook/server. Awesome deal.

Chicken Noodle

Bulkogi Fusion

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