Little Bird

Came here for dinner on a Wednesday night with one other person, without a reservation, and had the option of being seated at the bar or waiting approx. 15+ minutes. Decided to sit at the bar, and there’s a lower seating area (as opposed to the high stools) that’s perfect for my height, and making it perfect for taking great photos. Very dark in the small restaurant, lit mostly by small candles at the table. The bartender didn’t provide as much attention to each group at the bar table as she could have. It took a long while for me to even receive a menu, and it took a long while to put in my order. Moreover, it took forever for the food to arrive. Granted, the presentation and quality are incredible, but if this was Hell’s Kitchen, the chefs would never hear the end of it from Gordon Ramsay for not getting the food out in a reasonable amount of time.

Alright, let’s get to the food. The Pan Roasted Duck Breast (with pommes aligot, fontina, duck egg, and figs), $30, is absolutely gorgeous. Paired it with a glass of Rose wine, $8. The drink was a little strong and seemed to make it more difficult to finish my rich meal. The duck is juicy and does not have too much fat or skin. The duck egg is sunny side up and almost melts into the creamy, slightly cheesy mashed potato. The figs are a little on the soggy/mushy side, but I usually refuse to eat figs, so the fact that I finished them is a big thumbs-up from me. Absolutely divine. The colors, the flavors, the portion. Wow.

I was definitely beyond full from the main course alone, but I really wanted dessert also. I ordered the Dark Chocolate Crème Brûlée (with honey meringue and lavender crackers), $9, thinking it would be small. HAHAHA Oh how wrong I was!! It’s HUGE. Possibly spans the diameter of my hand with my fingers spread apart. Beautiful. I usually don’t like the hard layer of caramel over the custard, and my opinion did not change with this dessert. However, I was impressed with both the beautiful zigzags and fluffiness of the meringue and the richness of the dark chocolate. Didn’t like the crackers though. I nearly couldn’t finish my dessert. The richness of the entire meal (entree and dessert) made it tough beyond belief, even for me!

Last but not least, instead of fortune cookies, this place provides mini, bite-size macaroons (different flavors daily). According to the waitress, I sampled their Tangerine macaroons, which were labeled as Orange Olive Oil in the kitchen area (open to the public through a glass window next door). Unique, but not a fan.

Amazing food, but the night would have been even better if the menu and food were served more promptly. Dress attire is along the lines of business casual – not too dressy, but I didn’t see any t-shirts or flip flops. Classy food at a high price, but definitely worth it to try at least once!


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