Piazza Italia

First thing I noticed: tons of sports jerseys decorating the ceiling. Since I was in the area, I came here to see if same-day dinner reservations were available or necessary for a party of 2. Turns out, they were all booked but managed to squeeze us in for an early dinner at 5pm.

The complimentary bread was nice and soft. Minestrone was very red and had lots of veggie chunks, served with sprinkled cheese on top. The Pappardelle al Cinghiale (homemade pappardelle pasta with slow cooked wild boar meat sauce, $16.50) is very thick. I felt too full to finish it, but of course, I managed to finish it. The wild board did not taste much different from your average pork. The dish comes with generous amounts of wild boar chunks, but the pasta is too starchy for me. I had Tiramisu for dessert. It is served with many layers as a large block of sweetness, but too moist for my liking.

The staff is very friendly and easy to chat with. I could tell the chef is Hispanic, but he told me the food is authentic Italian food. In order to avoid making assumptions and being offensive, I politely asked if he is Italian, and if not, where he is from. Of course, as I accurately deduced, he is not from Italy, but instead, he is from Mexico. Reminds me much of Panda Express. A Mexican chef is telling me that he is making authentic Italian food. Not to be rude or anything, but I honestly don’t quite understand where the authenticity originates from. 1) He’s cooking in America, not Italy. 2) He’s Mexican, not Italian. Anyway, great service. This place fills up quickly, especially with groups. There is also outside seating as well, but the party of 2 tables are a bit small.

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