Salt & Straw

Featured on Andrew Zimmern’s Bizarre Foods. Some flavors change, some flavors remain on the menu. Line extends the length of the shop, out the door, and wraps around the corner. As  you wait in line, you can indulge in the sweet aroma of the waffle cones that are constantly being made right before your eyes. High tech iPads as cash registers. They are also considerate enough to provide cone holders at the cash registers so you can make your payment without destroying your wonderful dessert in the process of trying to multitask and reach into your pocket or purse for your wallet while trying to prevent your ice cream from falling over. You are free to sample as many flavors as you’d like, though it’d really be nice if you could resist the urge and NOT take forever in making your decision because you want to try every single flavor. Creamy, delicious, and large scoops of strangely named ice cream. Olive Oil Ice Cream? Goat Cheese? Sweet Corn? Cheddar Apple Pie? Roasted Fig?

The coffee in the Stumptown Coffee & Burnside Bourbon is a heavy accent. You can definitely tell it’s coffee without being told, but it is not strong enough to make the ice cream bitter. The Almond Brittle with Salted Ganache is one of the most popular flavors. I usually don’t like almond brittle because of how hard and crunchy it can be, but the almond brittle chunks are not large, especially not in comparison to the ganache, which won me over, convincing me to choose this flavor. Be sure to let your server know if you prefer more ganache over almond brittle, like me, and he or she can try to scoop more of your preference. $5.75 for a double scoop, plus an extra $1 for a waffle cone.

The line goes by at a reasonable pace. Halfway to the front of the line, a customer behind me asked if I could see Vanilla on the menu. She wanted just PLAIN Vanilla. ummm…I’m sorry, but you’re DEFINITELY in the WRONG place to be asking that!! Folks, whenever there’s a ridiculously long line for a place, you can guarantee that place offers something special. Who would wait in a long line for just plain ol’ vanilla??! Certainly not me!

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