The Original

Elvis Sighting

Elvis Sighting – The Original

This place resembles a modern diner. Ordered Elvis Sighting: brioche french toast, bacon, banana mousse, and peanut butter sauce, $10. Can’t quite taste the peanut butter, but the candied peanuts and bacon add a very crunchy contrast to the soft bananas. 4 halves plus TONS of sweet, sticky sauce. Orange juice is a bit too sweet to pair with this meal, plus the amount of orange juice provided is very little for $3. However, life is short, so if you want extra sugar, then by all means, go for it. Just make sure you exercise afterwards to burn it off! 

I had an extremely sweet breakfast (too sweet though), but I needed a break from recently having eggs for so many mornings in a row. Great service from Shane – very honest and courteous. Clean and quick service. 2 bathrooms available, one toilet each. High ceilings plus an upstairs area as well, but nobody seems to get seated there.

The Original

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