Brigs at the Park

This place is located right on the corner of a plaza. Initially, I thought it was Indian-inspired because of the font for the name, but once you look at the menu, it doesn’t look like Indian food at all!

Came here for breakfast and had zero wait time. However, not long after, around 9am, this place began to fill up quick! I had the Country Scramble – bacon, mushrooms, chives, and 3 eggs topped with cheddar jack, tomatoes, and bacon, fire-baked for $8.79. Comes with the option of home fries or grits and toast or English muffin – I went with home fries and English muffin. I’m familiar with scrambles filling up the entire dish, so I was very surprised when it came in a small casserole dish. Nevertheless, it was still delicious. In fact, it allowed me to enjoy the scramble much more because each bite was packed with filling! The home fries are made of red potatoes and have a very mild kick to them, in a good way.

I also tried their Pumpkin Pancakes, 8″ in diameter. Absolutely magnificent! Full of pumpkin goodness and very filling.

Attentive service and no complaints. Great place for breakfast.


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