Mad Hatter’s

I was drawn to this place because a LOT of people were walking in, and no, not all at once in one large group. When I walked in, there was a long line. You can either eat there or bring some baked goods to go. I had a slice of the Black and White. It looks and sounds very simple, but since it’s considered their signature cake, I HAD to give it a try and see what’s so special about it. Alternating layers of chocolate and white cake filled with chocolate fudge icing and white buttercream, iced with white buttercream and covered with poured chocolate ganache. Unfortunately, I was not a fan, but it did not taste awful. It was a huge slice of mediocre chocolate and white cake, enveloped in a blast of white sugar. Was the cake moist? Yes, sure. But nothing else gave this cake that WOW factor. I saw a ton of other baked goods that looked more delectable; I can’t see why this is their signature.


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