Sushi Hanabi

Honestly, I don’t know exactly what I ate since I requested items that are not on the menu. Asked the sushi chef to surprise me after providing my preferences. Love the creativity and quick thinking in preparing a unique sushi roll. One of the rolls (9 pieces) was had spicy tuna and was too spicy for me. The other was a sweet roll (8 pieces) with mango and shrimp tempura inside and shrimp on the outside, surrounded by TONS of crispy tempura flakes. Definitely enjoyed the mango roll and the sauce.

As for the items that I was aware of ordering, I had Just Dragon (8 pieces of crab, shrimp tempura with unagi and avocado, $10.95) and Lion King (6 pieces of crab, avocado, and baked salmon, $9.95). According to the menu, Just Dragon is supposed to contain egg, but I did not see or taste any. I also had 8 pieces of sashimi – 2 of each type of fish.

Here are the key points:

– small place
– fish does not taste fresh
– rolls are small
– sushi chefs are super nice and friendly
– many of the sushi options are spicy
– has a parking lot


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