Ted’s Montana Grill

Came here for dinner, right before the line started forming. This place is located in a shopping plaza with tons of parking. The inside of the venue is much more impressive than it appears on the outside. High ceilings, well-spaced seats plus booth seating, visible kitchen, and TONS of staff working (though they never run into each other and everything runs smoothly somehow). You can dress either casual or semi-formal.

For starters, every table receives complimentary pickled cucumbers. Caution: TOO SALTY. I could only manage a few slices, and only because I had missed breakfast and lunch.

I was very impressed with my Kansas City Strip, 11oz of Bison for $27, plus 2 sides (I chose “Aunt Fannie’s” Squash Casserole and Garlic Mashed Potatoes). Comes with a biscuit and sauce. My first experience eating bison meat and I absolutely LOVED it!! Bison is similar to beef but they are known to be lean and healthier. Juicy, tender, perfectly cooked deliciousness. I asked for medium rare, and that’s exactly what I got – seared on the outside, pink on the inside, bravo! Great portion. Could not have been a better experience!

For dessert, I had the Apple Pecan Crisp, $8. Warm, great to share, and comes with Häagen-Dazs vanilla ice cream on top.

Everything is homemade at this place, EXCEPT the Häagen-Dazs ice cream. I counted about 8 waiters/waitresses serving and bussing tables and about 6 cooks behind the counter. They all work fast-paced, and meals are hardly left on the counter for more than a minute after being prepared, then whisked away to a table. I thought it was amazing that the proprietor was also helping out and checking on customers. The first time, I admit, he scared me by approaching from behind. However, I respect a place that cares about the customers’ opinions.

I was impressed. Would definitely recommend. Seriously, order their succulent bison, cooked to perfection.

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