Blue Coffee Cafe

This place opens at 7am, right on the dot, and is located in the heart of downtown. You order at the counter, menu is on the table (the huge board with a ton of writing is actually a list of tons of beverages, not food), then your order is brought to you. Seating is scattered casually around the venue, small tables and very spread out on one half of the venue, plus barstools and sofas on the other half of the venue.

For breakfast, I had Fancy Toast for $9.75, includes 2 slices of French Toast plus 2 eggs and 2 sides (1 meat side and 1 regular side). For my sides, I had Grits and Grilled Chicken. I’ve been told to avoid grits altogether, but if I must eat it, to add TONS of butter and honey to grits because it tastes like cardboard. Since I was in the South, I figured, I HAVE to try the grits. It’s one of the staples of the South. Well, I added 2 whole chunks of butter to a small bowl of grits and……I have no idea where the butter disappeared to because I couldn’t taste it! At least I gave it a chance.

The French Toast is alright, nothing really special about it, almost bland. The syrup is on the side so you can pour the amount you desire. The grilled chicken is great though, my favorite part of the combo meal.


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