Simply Greek


Titan – Simply Greek

If given the option of one meat vs 2 or 3 meats in a pita for the same price, I’d definitely go with more meat. It just makes more sense! Better bang for your buck. Initially, I was going to choose the Chicken Souvlaki, but then I came to this realization and went for the Titan (with gyro and chicken) – choice of 2 meats (gyro, pork, chicken, beefteki), served in 2 warm pitas with tzatziki, onions, and tomatoes, $7.25. Gyro is a combo of beef and lamb, so I decided to choose gyro and chicken since gyro doubles up as 2 meats already, resulting in 3 different types of meat total, in one wrap. Very juicy, very tender, VERY delicious. And the yogurt – WOW. Creamy, tasty, amazing. Absolutely loved the Titan. Definitely recommend. Just be aware that your fingers will reek from the smell of the meat – the meat tastes great, but the smell that lingers on your fingers later is not so pleasant – bleh.

This place is small and a popular spot for nearby business people to stop in for lunch, so plan accordingly – i.e. order to-go and eat elsewhere or avoid the prime lunch hour. I was lucky enough to find an empty table next to a heater on a chilly day! Plenty of parking in the lot. Order arrives fairly quickly. Accepts credit cards.


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