Purple Kow


Purplekow Iced Milk Drink with Caramel, Pudding, and Boba (Option D3) – Purple Kow

I’ve been wanting to see what the hype is all about, but SF is a bit out of the way just to get boba. Luckily, a new location opened up in Berkeley – yay! Came here during Cal’s winter break so I was able to avoid the usual long line. In fact, there was absolutely NO line! It’s a small place located next to Top Dog on Center St, with a couple tables downstairs, as well as upstairs. There’s one bathroom, though it was out of order on the day I actually needed to use it. The neon orange plus white decor gives it a somewhat modern look, reminds me of The Jetsons. 

This place is far better than going to Half & Half in Socal. For $4.24, I got a giant tub of Purplekow Iced Milk Drink with Caramel, Pudding, and Boba (Option D3) – one of the most popular drinks. Honestly, it’s more than enough to share, but…..I finished it all by myself hehe It’s advised to choose your level of sweetness with the iced milk drinks, and I went with 50% of the original sweetness. It still turned out pretty sweet, but I absolutely LOVE it! The pudding tastes AMAZING. The boba doesn’t seem like the main attraction in this drink, nothing special about it, but it added a nice contrast to the milky and squishy texture of the iced milk and pudding, respectively. 

Is this what heaven tastes like? Seriously, it’s ridiculously easy to become an addict. If they open a location within 5-10 minutes of my house, I’d have a major sugar problem…


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