Amakara, once again


Unagi Don – Amakara

Whole eel, sliced, grilled and topped with sesame seed, served over rice, $21. Comes with salad or miso soup. A popular item at this restaurant, the Unagi Don comes in a medium-sized bowl. The unagi comes in 3 slices in order to fit in the bowl. Cooked perfectly, and topped with a delicious sauce! Great rice too.


Chef’s Special, approx. $15 – never know what you’ll receive. This time, it was 9 pieces of 3 different fish (unagi, salmon, tuna) topped with tiny cubes of tuna, cilantro, and roe (ahi tuna ceviche?). This wonderful surprise had a hint of spiciness to it, but not too overwhelming. Each piece was just WOW! Amazing burst of flavor with each bite! Thank you Eddie! 

Returned for the 3rd time now. As usual, SUPER busy – took FOREVER to get a seat. Last couple times I came, they were only with one other person – party of 2. This time, party of 3. Got seated in the back, where it’s absurdly dark (I don’t understand why). The long wait is one of the biggest downsides to this place (pricy as well), but the food is awesome.


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