Machu Picchu

First off, it can be difficult to find this place, particularly at night. It’s a small place located in the corner of a large plaza. The directions on their website are helpful. Tons of parking available in the lot. 

Came here on a weekday night and there were hardly any people, yet a bunch of tables said “reserved” (never saw these tables filled, and I stayed until closing). Small place but great decor – love that the napkin is rolled up like a volcano with a flame emitting, adds a nice fancy touch to the place. Staff is super nice and helpful. The chef even came out to chat and shared his background.

Before your meal arrives, you’ll receive a tiny container of complimentary kernels. They’re large and look like they’ve been roasted, but they’re dry. Didn’t care much for these.

Chicha Morada ($2.25) – “The National Peruvian refreshment,” a healthy beverage made from Andean purple corn, fresh fruits, and spices. Purple corn is believed to lower cholesterol and fight obesity due to the 6% Anthocyanin, a powerful antioxidant. Amazing drink – thicker than typical juice from the grocery store, but easy to drink the whole thing in a matter of seconds because it’s SO DELICIOUS! Looks like dark cranberry/plum juice, tastes mildly sweet and addicting. Definitely recommend – yum!

Jalea ($18.95) – a medley of lightly battered, deep fried fish and shellfish, served hot in a bed of lettuce, fried yuccas (similar to cactus plant, starchy and tastes similar to potato), and topped with a sauce made of diced onions, diced tomatoes, and chopped cilantro with lime juice and spices. Apparently there’s a “large” version “for 2” available for $25.95, but I must warn all of you out there: the regular size is GIGANTIC!!! I was entirely shocked when I realized the entire mountain was all mine. Still, I managed to finish it all – I don’t believe in wasting excellent food! It’s beautiful, refreshing, and filling. The lime is VERY strong though, too much citrus. Almost like a healthy salad supreme, minus the deep fried fish, calamari, shrimp…..  

Mazamorra Morada ($6) – Peruvian purple pudding-like dessert, made with purple corn drink, fresh fruits, and spices, thickened. Sprinkled with cinnamon, contains no dairy products. This is definitely different. Not a big fan of the chunks of fruits mixed with the thick pudding, but the rest of this healthy dessert was good.

TL;DR Everything at this place tastes incredibly refreshing!


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