Potato Pancake – Manny’s

($1.89) – super oily, was worried it would leak through the paper bag. I expected it to resemble a pancake, but it looked more like a crater from all the bumps on the surface.  Tastes much better than it looks – essentially tastes like Lays potato chips, original/plain.


The line wasn’t too long (or nonexistent), so I came here in between flights. Very quick to get your food because it’s already prepared, so the staff just grabs it from the shelf and stuffs it in a bag for you in a matter of seconds.

Spinach Calzone ($4.99) – hardly any spinach, mostly consists of cheese. Must’ve took only about 5 bites to finish this because it’s so small. It’s more of a snack than a meal.

My aunt ordered a Chicago Style Hotdog, and they are TINY – no longer than the length of my hand. Plus, you only receive a handful of fries, not very many.



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