Breakfast Platter – Biscuitville

First thing I notice, the building looks like the colors of McDonalds. Long drive-thru line. Limited parking, but it seems to be okay since most people go through the drive-through. Lots of locals come in here early in the morning.

It’s essentially like McDonalds, but healthier. You go in, place your order based on the menu on the board, then grab your own refreshment, napkins, and table. Food looks like a fast food place, nothing special. Ordered the Breakfast Platter with 2 eggs, biscuit, hash brown, and country ham on a styrofoam plate for $4.35. I literally got ONE thin, square slice of ham, and it was super salty. Small portion. It wasn’t terrible, but it wasn’t great either.

Also got a Double Dutch Chocolate Muffin for $1.79. The muffin is bigger than the size of my fist! It’s got white sprinkles on top, the rest is all chocolate. I didn’t get to eat it fresh – actually didn’t eat it til a few days later – so I didn’t have it at its best. Still, not nearly the best chocolate muffin I’ve had, but not bad either.



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