Bull City Burger and Brewery

Came here during Exotic Meat Month (March) in hopes of trying something I’d never had before. I was really exciting for python, llama, or ostrich. Unfortunately, I discovered that only one type of meat is available per day. Ordered the Alaskan Reindeer Burger topped with a Raspberry Vinaigrette and Tiny Farm Lettuce ($14) and Duck Frites ($3) with Parrish St Pale Ale. I’m pretty sure I’ve had reindeer before but hey, it’s exotic meat month – gotta go with the exotic meat option! As a burger, it’s hard to distinguish different types of meat. They all taste very similar, except bison. I’d much prefer sampling meat as a slice (like steak) instead of burger patty.

The burger tasted alright – much like your typical burger. Would’ve been nice to have more toppings, like tomatoes, but all you get is a piece of lettuce and vinaigrette. The fries are thin (“French cut”) and remind me of shoestring fries. They’ve been finished in duck fat with rosemary and Fleur de Sel (French sea salt). If you try REALLY hard, you can taste the duck, but otherwise, they taste like your typical shoestring fries.

The Thick Cut, Warm Griddled Lemony Pound Cake is $5 – if you want to add the extra house made ice cream, it’s an additional $1. The spicy chocolate sauce is mildly spicy. Didn’t care for the pound cake. It’s a thick slice, but not enough! The gigantic scoop of ice cream tasted like vanilla bean ice cream, nothing too special.

I picked one of their most popular beers, but it didn’t taste so great. I had asked for a lighter beer with some sweetness to it, but it was bitter and the sweetness is hardly noticeable. 

Great place for late night grub but food is only okay. Their sign needs to be bigger too because it’s easy to drive by. It’s located in Downtown Durham, so expect street parking.


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