Espiga Bakery


I wasn’t sure what to expect from the name “espiga.” I figured it was something in Spanish, and sure enough, upon asking the owner, found out it refers to wheat. It’s a family business that rotates about half of their items daily, keeping the most popular items on the shelves every day. Tons of Mexican/Latin baked goods to choose from – empanadas, conchas, cakes, and more! There are no name tags for these items, so it’s hard to figure out what it is or what the filling is (if there is any). Some have mango, some have guava, some have cream cheese, etc. Best thing to do is to ask the cashier – she’s more than happy to help identify the many options! There are also no price tags associated, but they’re about $3.50 each, or so. There is limited seating, but most people come in and out very quickly. It’s a small place with a wide selection. I had something with guava, and it was absolutely delicious! Also, plenty of parking in the lot. 


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