William’s Gourmet Kitchen


Cafe Chicken Salad – William’s Gourmet Kitchen

$6.99 for house made chicken salad with alfalfa sprouts, green leaf lettuce, and vine ripe tomatoes on a buttery croissant. Huge sandwich! Have to really squish the sandwich in order to bite into it all! I like sandwiches that include alfalfa sprouts – they look like weeds but it’s a unique addition that makes sandwiches more fun to eat. Everything in it tasted very fresh. The croissant was not too buttery but still soft. The chicken part of it is a spread, much like the kind that comes in a can at Costco, resembling a tuna sandwich.


Red Velvet Cupcake

Delicious, moist, and bigger than the size of my fist!


French Toast

3 slices of cinnamon swirls toast with powdered sugar and choice of hickory smoked bacon or sausage. Looks burnt and maybe tastes burnt as well (I’m not sure since my aunt ordered this and I didn’t try any). Unattractive. Plus the slices are on the thin side, especially considering it’s supposed to be French Toast.IMG_5000

This place is located right off the highway with a decent amount of parking in the lot. It’s a hot spot for police – in fact, there’s a sign that describes their support of the police force in the area [and you thought police only eat donuts with coffee!]. Orders are made much like at a McDonald’s, in which you choose an item off the overhead menu and it is ready in a short amount of time. Biggest difference is that it’s much cleaner than a typical fast food place, and the items are not nearly as tiny, greasy, and unhealthy.



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