Build Your Own Skillet – Denny’s

This place happened to be conveniently located near my hotel so my aunt and I walked here for breakfast. Otherwise, we wouldn’t normally stop by a Denny’s while traveling because we both like to try new places that are unavailable back home, and Denny’s is definitely NOT novel to us.

Anyway, this place resembles an expanded diner. Our waitress was being trained, so we had multiple waitresses throughout our breakfast. Service was great – they were all very nice and attentive. We both tried the Build Your Own Skillet option. I had hash brown, eggs (2), spinach, avocado, prime rib, and shredded cheddar cheese for about $7.99 or so. Essentially, you are allowed to choose one meat, eggs, potatoes, cheese, veggies, and extras for about $6.99. Avocado is considered an extra, but I absolutely love avocado so I had to get it! Loved all the options, though it made it more difficult than necessary to choose from each category. Tasted great and comes on a sizzling skillet. The hot chocolate was good, and their biscuit is phenomenal, though it probably has a ton of butter in order for it to taste so soft and delicious!



My aunt had sausage, egg whites, red-skinned potatoes, spinach, grape tomatoes, and mushrooms. There are such a large variety of options, you can be as healthy or unhealthy as you’d like!


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