This place is tough to find because it’s located on a street that’s actually WITHIN a parking lot. It was very strange to constantly pass this place, yet the street never seemed to pop up, despite the fact that I was driving between the 2 big streets that sandwiches the intended street. I’m not used to seeing street names inside parking lots, so the GPS totally threw me off! 

Anyway, once you find this place, you’ll discover that there are chocolates and chocolate and MORE chocolates – chocolate everything, everywhere!! However, the reason I came here was not for the chocoalte treats, but rather the ice cream because my aunt had a craving for homemade ice cream. Still, I chose flavors that included chocolate! I had a scoop of Cappuccino Chocolate Chips and a scoop of Kilwins Tracks, both have chocolate, and both taste delicious! There’s a big section blocked off for making ice cream and cones, but only one lady seemed to be working. The ice cream has a creamy texture with just the right amount of sweetness. There’s a map that shows how far they’ve expanded — apparently they have several locations spread out across the country! Love their shirt’s motto as well: “Life is uncertain…eat your dessert first.” Would’ve bought one if it wasn’t for the front design, where several different types of ice cream flavors are displayed in a variety of colors. If the ice cream was on the back, and the motto was on the front, I’d be more inclined to wear the shirt in public, rather than as PJs!

Note: Avoid the bathroom – floor is super sticky!!! (maybe somebody dropped ice cream all over the floor that day…)


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